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Table Locator Algorithm

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I am using a table locator and testing with Expert Mode as described in the help (

How do I know which algorithm will be used?



The algorithm with the highest confidence always wins.

If several algorithms have the same confidence, then the last one wins,


Since it is compared to >=. The internal order is as follows:

  • Amount-based (1)
  • Position-based (2)
  • Header-based (3)
  • Lines-based (4)
  • Layout-based (5)


There is a possibility to define the desired algorithm.

However, not in the UI, but only via script, e.g. like this (3 = Header-based, see above):


Private Sub Document_BeforeLocate(ByVal pXDoc As CASCADELib.CscXDocument, ByVal LocatorName As String)
   If LocatorName = "AutoTable" Then
      Dim tableLocator As CscTableLocator
      Set tableLocator = Project.ClassByName("PetInvoice").Locators.ItemByName("AutoTable").LocatorMethod
      tableLocator.Algorithm = 3
   End If
End Sub


Ensure a reference is added to the script for "Kofax Cascade Table Locator 4.0".



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