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Capture Cloud Storage for binary data

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In KTA 7.8 a new option was introduced to use Cloud storage for capture binary data.

You can use the preconfigured external cloud data storage services such as Amazon S3 or Windows Azure Blob Storage for saving and processing the binary data.

The cloud services help to reduce the SQL Server maintenance costs, delegate maintenance to external service and provide encryption.

See below for some information and concepts to take into account.


Can we change to Cloud storage after installation?

Yes, you can change from default SQL storage to Cloud (Azure/AWS) using the Configuration Utility but you can't change it back.Once the cloud storage is enabled, you cannot turn it off later.

What if we start with SQL Storage for Documents and then switch later to Amazon S3. How does that work with existing objects?

Existing binary data will remain in SQL server and can still be accessed fine even after you change to the Cloud Storage.

Can KTA handle documents and other objects both in SQL Server and S3 at the same time?

Yes it can handle both at the same time, e.g, document1 binary data can be in SQL server, and document2 binary data can be on AWS/Azure.

If the existing data is altered it will move to the Cloud storage and be deleted from SQL Server, e.g. if Image processing accesses the image on SQL server and modifies it, the image will be moved to the Cloud and removed from SQL server.


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Article # 3039286
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