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Capture Combo Box Search

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Capture Combo Box Type and Search Displaying Everything

After upgrading to v7.8.0.2 or above, we notice a change in how the Auto Complete option for document fields works (choice field)

In previous versions, if we typed the letter 'A' for example, only words beginning with the letter 'A' were displayed, however, from v7.8.0.2 onwards, all words containing the letter 'A' are displayed in the dropdown


This change was caused due to an OOS being implemented:
Wildcard Search (or contains) and Autocomplete in Validation form on OCR words

Therefore the current behaviour is expected

An Enhancement Request has been raised to have the option to enable/disable the wildcard search. A new feature was added with fix pack 17 for KTA 7.9.

The new field is call "Auto compete match type" and it's included in the each of the field. the default is "Contains" but also has the option to "Starts with match"

To enable the setting this is what needs to be done:

  • Open Document Validation activity
  • Need to highlight the combo box
  • There is a new feature "Auto compete match type" will show on the panel to the right as shown bellow:


  • Selection any option 
  • Save and release

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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax TotalAgility v7.8.0.2+      






Article # 3049739
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