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Communication Between KTA Web and App Servers

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How does a separate KTA web server communicate with the rest of the installation?


KTA web servers do not connect directly to the database.  Instead all work is performed through calls to the core services on the app server. 
When a KTA web server is installed (without installing a combined web/app server), the installer prompts for the fully qualified address to an existing KTA app server:


The server name can be either a single KTA app server, or a load balancer that has several app servers. 

The server name entered in the installer ends up setting the CoreServicesLocation setting in the web.config, seen here in the Configuration Utility:


In an OPMT system, the resulting CoreServicesLocation would have a placeholder for the tenant name: "https://{0}sk-77opmt-app:443/TotalAgility/Services/core".  Neither a tenant name nor placeholder should be included in the installer, but the placeholder should be preserved when using Configuration Utility.

When installing a combined web/app server, the installer does not include this prompt. 
CoreServicesLocation stays blank and the web components know to use the local app components.

If the components of the app servers have been customized, this setting should point to app servers that have the WCF/Core Services installed:


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Kofax TotalAgility v7.x      


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Article # 3034935
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