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Encryption-Decryption algorithm used in KTA

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In KTA, passwords are encrypted and users can also choose to configure server variables to be secure by checking the "Secure" box in the configuration.

Some security teams need to know what encryption method is used before allowing certain implementations.

In the example below, the server variable AD_PASSWORD is secured.




In terms of protecting secure variables, this functionality is to protect sensitive data in transit between client/server and at rest. In order to protect this data, we give the possibility for the users to encrypt these variables if so they wish, by configuring them as above.

This encryption/decryption is done on the server to avoid any storage of the cryptographic key on the client. This is done since KTA version 7.6 and above using AES 256 bit algorithm.

The encryption key can be regenerated from System Settings > General as per the image below.


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KTA  7.6 +      




Article # 3040079
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