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Job Retention policy

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By default, the system retains jobs indefinitely and therefore job data will be stored in the database until they are purposely removed, through retention policy or otherwise.


KTA allows you to configure the jobs to be retained for a specific period of time by defining the retention period at process level (1). 

The completed jobs are automatically deleted once the retention period is over, purged by the Retention Policy system task. Active jobs are never deleted by the retention policy.

To retain the jobs of a process for a specific period, clear the Retain indefinitely checkbox and configure the retention period in years, months and days (default: 1 year, Minimum value: 1 day).


You can therefore have different processes with different retention periods configured depending on the legal and/or operational requirements of each customer.

For example, you might want to keep invoicing jobs for 6 months, but customer signup jobs for only 1 week.

If an invoicing job is completed today, the retention policy task will not delete it until it detects that the completion date was 6 months ago or more.

Retention policy system task:

In System Tasks you can configure when you want the Retention policy task to run. This setting will very much depend on your requirements and the volume of data to deal with.

We would normally recommend to have it run out of business hours to avoid any potential impact on performance.


Maximum Jobs:

You can also configure the maximum amount of jobs to be deleted by the retention task with every execution.

In KTA 7.5:

Go to System Settings > Settings > Retention Policy: Maximum Jobs


In KTA 7.6 & KTA7.7:

Go to System > Database, retention and reporting > Retention policy: Maximum Jobs


In KTA 7.8+:

Go to System > Database, retention and reporting > Retention policy:

  1. Click the Execution tab.
  2. Under Retention process execution, select the Maximum jobs that can be deleted per retention task execution. (Default: 1000 for jobs).



- Deleting is a non-recoverable action.

- Documents are NOT deleted through the job retention policy. There is a specific retention policy for documents. Completed jobs can be deleted and the documents they processed could still persist in the system (and vice versa).

(1) An enhancement was requested to allow to configure the default job retention policy at system level but is still under review 

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Article # 3038589
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