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KTA Import Connector - Prefetched messages setting

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In the Message Connector Configuration screen, there is a setting called "Prefetched messages".


Below are some considerations and information to take into account to configure this value correctly for your requirements.



The documentation says:

"Prefetched messages: Number of documents prefetched from mail boxes, folders and other passive inputs to Message Connector storage. Minimum number is 1, maximum 100. For optimal performance, set this value to 1 + number of Kofax App process instances."

Kofax App process instances means number of Message Connector Instances.

Therefore, the above recommendation for optimal performance is: 1 + Number of Message Connector Instances

As the optimal prefetch value differs for each customer, this should be tested on a non-production environment to find the optimal value for their requirements as this could have an impact on performance, as per the documentation.

KTA will process messages available without needing to wait for them to reach the "Prefetched messages" value.

So, for example, if the prefetch is set to 10 but only 8 messages are available, KTA will go ahead and process the 8 messages and not wait for them to reach 10.


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Article # 3041411
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