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Main View and Overview tabs in the package summary screen

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In KTA v7.10+, the package summary screen is now split into 2 tabs: Main View & Overview.


This article details which KTA artifacts you should see in each tab.


To understand what is expected in each tab, there is 2 different categories of KTA artifacts:

Parent Artifacts

These are KTA artifacts which can be directly added to a package as shown below.


Associated Artifacts

These are KTA artifacts added to the package due to their association with the parent.  For example, global variables cannot be directly added to a package.  They are only added to the package through the association with a parent form.



The Main View tab in the package summary screen will contain all the parent artifacts within the package.  In this view you have the option to select/deselect which KTA artifacts to import.

The Overview tab shows all KTA artifacts included within the package.  If we deselect an item in the Main View tab, you will see associated artifacts being deselected automatically in the Overview tab. 

In the example below, we have deselected a process in the Main View tab which has automatically deselected an associated server variable in the Overview tab.




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Article # 3048569
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