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Message Connector Storage Automatic Clean up and Keep Failed

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How does the history of messages work within the Message Connector Monitor (MC).


You can look through the list of recently processed messages using the MC monitor page.  How far back in time the list of processed messages goes depends on the configured storage size, average message size and the message throughput.  The MC storage uses a First In First Out method (FiFo).  


The MC storage is managed automatically. Files and messages that are correctly imported to Kofax TotalAgility are marked for deletion and then they are removed as the storage fills.

The built-in target is to keep the total storage usage at 50%.  If 'Keep failed' is selected it is possible the automatic clean-up would not be able to reach this goal of 50%.  Once the storage reaches a fill level of 80% KIC(Kofax Import Connector) will stop importing messages.


The online help of the MC states the following::

Keep failed: Failed inbound documents are those not imported into Kofax App and also not forwarded to an operator. If selected, keeps the failed inbound documents pending. These pending documents have to be handled and deleted manually; otherwise, the storage will eventually run out of disk space.

It is important to keep in mind that the MC storage is designed to be temporary in nature only and should not be used as an archiving or message analysis solution.  


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