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Querying the TotalAgility Databases

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Is it supported to query the TotalAgility product databases?


In general, it is not supported to query the TotalAgility databases.  Data from the system should be retrieved only through documented and supported API calls.

Reporting and Analytics

There is a subset of tables and columns that are documented and supported specifically for use in the context of analytics. For more details, see Resources for Writing Custom Analytic/Reporting Queries.

Documents Database

Consistent with the statements above, it is not supported to query the documents database.  In the situation where someone is making unsupported queries against the documents database anyway, they should be aware that the structure of the database changes entirely in KTA 7.8 and previous queries will fail.  It remains unsupported to query the documents database, and the only supported way to work with document data is via the supported APIs on the CaptureDocumentService.

More details: Unsupported queries to the Documents database will fail after upgrade to KTA 7.8

Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Queries

Knowledgebase articles and Technical Support cases will recommend queries to run as part of general troubleshooting or to diagnose specific issues.  These are meant to be run at the direction of Technical Support for troubleshooting/diagnosis and do not imply that they are supported in any other context.


Modification of the databases is not supported.

However, to work around or fix an issue, Technical Support may provide a script that modifies the database.  This is to be run only at the explicit direction of Technical Support.  The general recommendation is to take a backup of all TotalAgility databases before running a script that will make a modification.

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Article # 3035423
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