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Regenarate Form default actions and improvements

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If there is a regeneration of a form then KTA always adds the action "ConfirmFieldAction" to the Event "Field Confirmed" and "FieldForcedValidAction" to "Field forced valid" if those are not in there before. This is an expected behavior.


The customer is trying to eliminate step by step the need of "Field forced valid". It is partly still needed and therefore they cannot switch it off totally. What they are doing right now is, that they create step by step solutions for each field that force valid is not needed anymore. After implementing the solution they stich in the Event "Field forced valid" the action from "FieldForcedValidAction" to the action "ConfirmFieldAction".

Every time they regenerate the form KTA adds again the "FieldForcedValidAction" into all fields where we replaced it.

It is causing a lot of trouble if they oversee it, since some users still try to use force valid and this is breaking logics and causes a lot of unnecessary job evaluation failed und suspended jobs.

Taking into account this are default events and actions every time the customer regenerate a form this form would establish the default information.

Note: The actions are mostly here swapped for demonstration purpose of the bug. To show that the bug appears in both actions.



There is a Enhancement Request to at least notify the customer for the fields or events that would be experience changes. Enhancement Request 1765327:Regeneration of forms actions to improve the user experience 

This Enhancement request want to improve the user experience adding some of the following ideas:

  1. To give the developer the choice of what should happen during regeneration and the developers chooses, might be like:
    1. adding all missing fields of EG
    2. reset ootb actions
    3. reset ootb events
  2. When regenerating showing a list of what might be reset
  3. After regenerating showing a list of what have changed, like which ootb action/events are reset and which fields were added


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KTA 7.7.0 0.20    



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Article # 3039235
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