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Release Notes for KTA Fixpacks

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When you load to the Delivery site you can see fixpacks for your KTA version but some times you can not see release notes related to an specific fixpack.


From v7.10 onwards, the read-me for each fix pack can be found on the documentation home page 'See what's new' section

From v7.9 and earlier,
On the delivery site there is a Txt or html file where you will see the release notes or documentatiom related to the specific fixpack.
You have to:

  • Click on the package first. i.e. 7.9
  • Accept the terms and conditions (When you click on proceed to download you are not directly downloading you are only looking at the content you can dowload)Terms
  • Then there will be another view with different elements; in that view in the "Documentation" part you will see all the documentation related to this version and the fix packs, you will see the Txt or the html or even other information you want. i.e Fix pack 7.9.10 Documentation and release notes.



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Article # 3040712
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