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Reporting issues resolved in KTA 7.10 Fix Packs

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The following issues related to reporting have been resolved in KTA 7.10 Fix Packs.



    • ​​​​​​​1796345, 26514982: When the Reporting service was stopped, the rollback of the Reporting Server failed due to timeout (because of the uncommitted data) and could not be retried.
    • 1760883: Incorrect extr_batch_sess_key/manual_sess_key for the fields in a new document when copied with CopyDocument method(copyDocumentOptions=1).

    • 1760873: Value of the Manual_sess_key was not updated when a new field value was copied.

    • 1733150, 26414519: Reporting compatibility fix Batch session key was not copied for copied fields in field_accum_fact table.

    • 1728823, 26443304: Redundant query caused the Reporting system task to timeout.


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Article # 3040912
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