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Reporting issues resolved in KTA 7.9 Fix Packs

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The following issues related to reporting have been resolved in KTA 7.9 Fix Packs.


The following reporting issues are included in the release notes of the listed fix pack (unless noted with *).  If encountering an issue with reporting, it is best to update to the latest fix pack so that all cumulative fixes are applied.

    • 1801473, 26514891: LoadFieldChangesFact: The MERGE statement attempted to update or delete the same row more than once. The Reporting system task failed with an error.
    • 1796342, 26514982: When the Reporting service was stopped, the rollback of the Reporting Server failed due to timeout (because of the uncommitted data) and could not be retried.
    • 1781375, 26480585: A database error occurred when a job was created in Kofax TotalAgility based on Message Connector.
      • Not directly reporting, but caused by previous reporting fix 1601821
    • 1733147, 26414519: The Batch session key was not included in copied fields in the field_accum_fact table.
    • 1728820 Case 26443304 Redundant query causing the reporting system task to timeout
    • 1695078 Case 26408831 Merge error at ProcessDocumentTypeBasedEvents when tsf_class_dim contains duplicate records with same type ID and version
    • 1694023 Case 26350615 Reporting system task timing out after upgrading from v7.4 to v7.8
      • Prior to this change, transactions do not commit until the entire set of staging tables have processed.  Thus it is very difficult to process a staging backlog without this fix, as it will require very large long running transactions.
    • 1663647 Case 26318190,26336932 : Bug Incorrect criteria for removal of reporting document data deletes less than expected
    • 1642420 Case 26305941: doc_dim.dt_create_datetime has date 1753-01-01 when running Reporting Retention for new documents
    • 1634998 Case 26333039: Reporting field statistics not being updated after second extraction node is executed    
    • 1601821 Case 26201540: activity_instance_id and ta_job_id =000(0) for Import record using Kofax Import Connector with Integration Server + On-Premise Multi-Tenancy    


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Article # 3029589
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