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Retention for Jobs and Sub-Jobs

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The retention policy for Jobs is working but it seems not working for the sub-jobs created from the parent process (job). 


The sub-job created from the parent process job will never enter the completed status thus it cannot get archived.  It will always remain active.  However the sub-job will then get archived as part of the parent job when it completes.  This is expected behaviour.

Note: If there is issue to archive the parent job then naturally its sub-jobs were not archived.


Complete the parent job so that its sub-jobs will also get archived once it is due for archival (otherwise you could also manually trigger directly from Designer to see the result).

Please could use this package to test it as per summarized in the screen shot below.

  • If you create a job based on this, it will run through and complete straight away.  Then run the below SQL against your finished jobs database.
  • If you could not find the records then probably your system task to archive was not triggered yet then you could manually trigger directly from Designer.
WHERE PROCESS_NAME IN ('Finished Parent Process', 'Finished Sub Process')
  • You could see the parent job has status 1 which is completed
  • The sub-job is having status 0 which is active.
  • However both have been archived successfully.

Test Showing System Behaviour on Archiving Jobs and Sub-Jobs.png

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KTA 7.5+      


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Article # 3042574
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