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The job was suspended as an activity timed out

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A job suspends with the below error message.

The job was suspended as an activity timed out.



Core Worker activities have a 1-hour timeout in which they can be taken and completed.  For Transformation Server activities, this timeout is 2 hours.  If this threshold is exceeded, an activity will be reset to pending.  After a defined number of retries, if the activity still cannot be completed it will suspend with this error.


Additionally, if a target duration is configured at the activity level (purposefully or accidentally) this will override the server-level timeout.  For example, the below activity has a target duration of 1 minute.  This means if it is taken longer than 1 minute it will be reset to pending.



There are 2 options to resolve this error.

Option 1

Increase the Core Worker or Transformation Server taken activities timeout on a global level.  This can be done via the KTA Configuration Utility.

Core Worker


Transformation Server


Option 2

Configure a Target Duration at the activity level to increase the taken timeout for a specific activity.


Additional Settings

The taken timeout interval also has a few other related settings.  These are explained below.

Reset Limit

By default, KTA will attempt to take and complete an activity 5 times before the job suspends with this error.  This value can be modified globally in System Settings -> General -> Auto Activity Reset Limit (left).  Or, at the activity level in the Execution settings (right).


Polling Timeout

When the taken activity timeout has passed, it will not be reset automatically.  Both the Core Worker and Transformation Server poll at specified intervals to find taken activities that have exceeded the timeout.  Again, this setting is configurable via the KTA Configuration Utility.



NOTE: The Core Worker setting is in seconds whereas the Transformation Server setting is in minutes

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