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TotalAgility Database Upgrade Screens Reference

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The following screens show the steps and options that are presented when running the KTA database upgrade.


These example screens are from KTA 7.9 and show upgrading from KTA 7.5.  While upgrades involving other versions may have some differences in the install screens, this can still act as a general reference to the steps and the options available in the upgrade process.

Some noteworthy aspects are shown here:

  • The Capture Data Migration process occurs when upgrading from KTA 7.7 or lower to KTA 7.8 or higher.
  • The check for updates to the Capture Data Migration process occurs when upgrading from KTA 7.7 or lower to KTA 7.8 R2 or higher.

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Check For Updates

This check was added in KTA 7.8 R2 and KTA 7.9.  It does not exist in the initial release of KTA 7.8.


When clicking No, the installer continues on to the Credentials screen.

When clicking Yes, the installer concludes at the prompt to Download Migration Updates.


Download Migration Updates

If Yes was clicked on the check for updates message box, the installation review screen shows the URL ( to download updates.



Capture Migration Updates Tool

After downloading the update, run [Install Source]\TotalAgility\TotalAgilityInstall\Agility.Install.ApplyCaptureMigrationUpdates.exe, browse to the downloaded zip file, and click OK.  After this updates the install files, start the installation again.



After clicking No at Check For Updates, the Credentials screen appears.


Installation Review


Installation Progress

Even for a database-only upgrade, files are copied locally from which to run the scripts and database artifact upgrade process.  This step will also include running the database scripts that upgrade the database schema.  The scripts can be found in the install source at \TotalAgility\TotalAgilityInstall\DatabaseScripts\SQL Server\Upgrade Database Scripts\.


Capture Data Migration Pre-Check

At this point KTA 7.8 R2 and KTA 7.9+ will run the precheck script from [Install Source]\TotalAgility\TotalAgilityInstall\DatabaseScripts\SQL Server\DataLayer\MigrationPreCheck.sql.  If any problem results are found, then the following error will popup.


Capture Data Migration Pre-Check - Broken Folders

If any problem results are found, they are presented with the folder ID and the particular type of problem detected.  Checking the "Ignore broken folders" option means that these problem folders will be skipped during the migration, thus allowing the migration to complete. 

Since the pre-check is specifically meant to identify problem folders that would cause the migration to fail, not checking this box means the migration will almost certainly fail.  There is no reason to ever leave this box unchecked.

Upon seeing this message if there is intention to cancel the upgrade to examine the problem folders further, it must be kept in mind that structural changes to the database have already happened at this point.  The upgrade either must continue (with the box checked), or that database must be restored from a backup to return it to the state before the upgrade started.


Capture Data Migration

The time it takes to migrate capture data is based on the size of the TotalAgility_Documents database, and the performance of the SQL Server.


Database Artifacts Upgrade

After Capture Data Migration, database artifacts will be upgraded.  Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe is run to upgrade data that needs to be updated by code rather than SQL scripts.

Installation Complete



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