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Verifying Table Fields In TotalAgility

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In a Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) Verification activity, if one table cell is confirmed valid all the other cells in the table also become valid (green), instead of the typical behavior of confirming each cell one by one.



Tables in KTA do not support verification. Please see the following from the KTA Online Help.

Configure the verification settings for a document field

Configure fields inside a document field (except tables) to allow for verification before releasing the fields to a back office system. You can select the verification mode and allow a reviewer to edit the field.

  1. Select a field for a field group in a document type and configure the settings in the Verification group.
  2. To display the field on the form at design time and runtime, select Display field for verification. (Default: Clear)
  3. Note: The Table type does not support verification.


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Article # 3038685
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