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How do the new KTA 7.8 document retention settings work?

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7.8 Document Retention: 

New document retention configurations were introduced in KTA 7.8+.

Instead of the previous blanket retention period for all documents, you can now choose to have custom retention periods for different document types. Additionally, you can also specify the retention period based on the date the document was last accessed or the date the document was marked as finished.



What about document hierarchies?

Let's say we have a document structure like below:


And the document retention is configured like:


Then when the retention policy runs it will mark all 'Parent1', 'Child1' and 'Grandchild1' documents that were last accessed > 5 days ago for deletion

So to summarise, the child documents inherit the parent documents retention settings unless the child documents have their own custom retention period defined.

What about the RootDocumentType? 

Similar to above, if we choose to enable custom retention on the 'RootDocumentType' then all of the document types underneath will inherit these retention settings, e.g. 'Parent1', 'Child1', 'Grandchild1' and 'Parent2', 'Child2' and 'Grandchild2', etc.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.8+



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