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Kofax TotalAgility71 - How we can delete or reduce the size of the Documents DB?

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One way we have seen customers reduce the size of their Documents DB is by deleting the documents just before a job completes.  This will remove the document and all related data from the Documents DB.  They can do this by using the Capture Delete node on a process map.


For existing jobs/documents, they could do the following to remove document data.

  1. Install the Kofax Repository Browser shipped with KTA  This tool will give you a visual look of your document repository structure
  2. Locate folders/documents that are no longer needed by KTA
  3. Get instance id of the folder/document
  4. Pass this instance id into either of the SDK methods below depending on what your deleting
    1. CaptureDocumentService.DeleteFolder
    2. CaptureDocumentService.DeleteDocument


**** Before performing the steps above, the customer should take full backups of the TotalAgility and TotalAgility_Documents DB ***


Once the document data is gone from the DB there’s no way to get it back.  Thus, if they restart a finished job where the associated folder/document does not exist they will run into issues.


Please know in KTA 7.2 there are document retention policies.  This means KTA will hold onto documents for a certain amount of time before automatically deleting them.