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KTA 7.1 - Can the KTA SDK be called in the C# node




How do I call the TotalAgility SDK from a c# script activity?


Please see and example below of how the logon method can be called from a c# script node. Information on namespaces and the assemblies they lie in can be found in the SDK documentation. Any referenced assemblies must be added as a .NET reference in the Integration module.

using System;
using Agility.Server.Scripting.ScriptAssembly; 
using Agility.Sdk.Services;
using Agility.Sdk.Model.Interfaces.Services; 
using Agility.Sdk.Model.Users;
using System.Runtime.Serialization;

namespace MyNamespace
    public class Class1
        public Class1()

        public void Method1(ScriptParameters sp)
            UserService us = new UserService(); 
            UserIdentity ui = new UserIdentity()
                LogOnProtocol = 7,
                UnconditionalLogOn = true,
                UserId = "testuser"

Keywords: script, TotalAgility.sdk

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