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Some Items Set As Read-Only/Disabled When Comparing KTA Packages

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When comparing packages in a KTA (TotalAgility) installation, some of the items in the package list are disabled or read-only, the checkboxes are grayed out. Why can't these be selected/deselected?



There are changes to they way Packages are generated in version 7.10+. 

Below are some links to articles in the KTA online help that will provide more information related to exporting items and Packages. Note that there are 2 basic methods for exporting items. One is to use the Packages link in KTA Designer. This is typically used when generating a complete package to export to a different environment. The other method is to use the Export link in Designer. With this you can select individual items such as a form. This will provide a way to export something with fewer associated items. This is because Packages are going to include items even if they were not selected. See the following note from the help.

"Associations of process and forms are automatically included in the package."

Also, more is included if the checkboxes are enabled to include associated items.

When comparing packages in the "Compare" utility, it is these associated items that show as 'disabled.' They are included with the package because they are necessary items that need to be included for the main component to work properly. They are not selectable.

"If "Include Items associated with process" or "Include items associated with forms" are selected, then all the associated items are also included in the Package tab."

Here are the help article links. There are other links to other articles about different components included in these articles that may also prove helpful.



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