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"Cannot process online learning folder(s)" Error Appears When Classifying Documents In KTA Document Review

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Question / Problem: 

The following error sometimes appears in TotalAgility (KTA) Doc Review when classifying documents.

"Error in Document Review: Cannot process online learning folder(s) - Cannot Access fields or extensions because they were not intentionally loaded from the database."

What causes this error and is there a fix?

Answer / Solution: 

This error is a known issue and a fix was generated and included in KTA version (fix pack 2 for service pack 1). Here is the submitted bug report.

Bug 1076271: [] COD 7995 - Cannot process online learning folder(s) intermittently in Document Review

Applying the latest service and fix pack for all versions of KTA 7.3 and higher will include this fix.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.3
KTA  7.4
KTA 7.5



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