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"There is an error in XML document..." Error Appears In Reporting Logs


Question / Problem: 

The following error appears in the TotalAgility (KTA) Reporting log. Is there a fix for this error?

12/09/2019 02:41:51.747 PM Reporting Error: 6 : Failed to take reporting worker tasks
12/09/2019 02:41:51.747 PM Reporting Error: 6 : Excepion: There is an error in XML document (2, 9871).
12/09/2019 02:41:51.747 PM Reporting Error: 6 : Stack trace: at Agility.Server.Core.Model.GlobalSettings.get_ServerSettings()
at Agility.Server.Core.Model.GlobalSettings.get_SystemSessionId()
at Kofax.CEBPM.Reporting.TAWorker.WorkerInstance.TakeReportingTasksFromTa()


Answer / Solution: 

This issue was due to a defect in the product, which occurred when using a PDF profile that uses PDF 1.7. The issue was fixed in KTA version 7.5, but as an immediate workaround for earlier versions, the PDF version can be switched to PDF 1.6. 

If the above does not apply then another configuration that can be looked at which has been reported to produce this error is the VRS profile. This occurred in profiles that had the paper size set to 'Maximum.' Setting the option to any other paper size should resolve the error (after restarting the KTA Core Worker and Reporting services). Please note that this issue was also resolved in v7.5.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.4.x