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Attachments setting in Import source configuration still allowing Body of email to be imported into KTA

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When configuring the Import content to use the Attachments option from within the KTA | Import source configuration, it is observed that the body of the email is still be ingested into the corresponding KTA Job.  

attachments only setting.jpg


In one scenario, it was determined that the MS Graph email box was separating out a signature icon in the body of the email as a separate attachment.  So when the Message Connector imports the email message from the MS Graph mailbox, it was receiving two valid attachments (valid email attachment and signature icon attachment .gif format).

Screenshot below shows the email within the MS Graph mailbox where the signature icon was separated out prior to Message Connector ingestion.

2 attachments.jpg


Two solutions:

1.  Work with the Email administrator to prevent the MS Graph mailbox for separating out, in this example, the signature icon or any other icon.

2.  Within KTA | Import source configuration window, use the Skip import for extensions option and include the file extension that is being produced from the MS Graph mailbox.  In this example, the .gif extension is being excluded and therefore only the validate email attachment would be ingested into a KTA job.

gif skip.jpg

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Article # 3040180
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