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Backlog of data in the TotalAgility Reporting Staging database

Query to measure backlog of data in TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database

Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to determine if there is a backlog of reporting data to be processed in the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database?

Answer / Solution: 

KTA components, such as the webserver, Core Worker, or Transformation Server, write compressed reporting data directly to the wsa_messages table of the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.  Then it is up to the Kofax TotalAgility Reporting Service to process and consolidate this raw reporting data into the form that ends up in the TotalAgility_Reporting database.

If the Kofax TotalAgility Reporting Service is not running, or if there is a technical problem keeping it from processing, then raw reporting data will build up in the form of an increasing number of records in the wsa_messages table of the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.

If the service was simply stopped, restart it to continue processing.  If a technical issue is preventing further processing, then it might be useful to quantify the amount of backlogged data as part of troubleshooting.  Run the following diagnostic query on the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database to show the number of records along with the dates of the earliest and latest records.

SELECT COUNT(*) AS WsaMessages, MIN(enqueued_time) AS Earliest, MAX(enqueued_time) as Latest
FROM wsa_messages


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