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Business Rule utilizing a Decision Table takes a long time to execute

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When executing a Business Rule in an OMPT or Cloud environment that specifically uses a Decision Table, the activity is taking over 1 minute plus to complete.



This is caused by a feature called Safe Scripting.  This is enabled by default.  The following test is taken from the KTA 7.10 On Premise Multi Tenant (OPMT) installation guide:

Using the Safe Scripting option, you can configure TotalAgility to prevent malicious scripts and code from being executed on a multi-tenant environment without affecting the execution of other tenant’s assemblies and ensure that tenant’s data is isolated and cannot be accessed in any way by another tenant.  For example, you can configure C# scripts, VB .NET scripts, Expressions, .NET assemblies, or .NET Form actions, which when run into TotalAgility on a multi-tenant environment, allow or restrict certain actions.

Since the Decision Table is effectively executed as a series of decision and expression nodes, a Secured domain is created per tenant when expression/.net node/ .net script nodes are executed for the first time or after a long time.


There are two options:

1)  Disable the Safe Scripting feature.  This is not recommended and must be reviewed and understood fully before doing so.  Check the OPMT Installation guide for more details.

2)  Create a simple map with an expression node (synchronous with record history turned off) called as a scheduled job.  Ensure that job retention is enabled on this map to prevent a build up of finished jobs in the DB or only run the scheduled jobs as needed.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
KTA 7.10      
KTA 7.9      
KTA 7.8      
KTA 7.7      
KTA 7.6      


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Article # 3046759
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