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Capture Table Insert Row at Current Position placing new line at the bottom of the table

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In a Multipage Document within Validation, the 'Insert row at current position' table button is inserting at the bottom of the table rather than at the current position under a specific scenario. 

  • If you select a Document and then a row, click the 'Insert row at current position' button, it works as expected.
  • If you select a row and then click to another Document, click the 'Insert row at current position' button, then the row is inserted at the bottom.


Below is an example of how it is supposed to work:

working example.jpg


This is a known software defect submitted under TFS 1786999.



The official fix is included in the following KTA versions:

  • KTA and higher (fix packs for this version)
  • KTA 7.11 and higher


The workaround is to ensure that the document is selected before selecting the row where you wish to insert a new row.



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Article # 3046484