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Couldn't create tenant process natively in an OPMT environment

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When attempting to create a Tenant, the following error is observed in the KofaxCPUServerLog log file:


00/00/0000 11:10:39.614 AM    Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.Core Error: 10 : Couldn't create tenant process natively. Message: A required privilege is not held by the client
00/00/0000 11:10:39.614 AM    Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.Core Error: 10 : Tenant process for tenant universal_live could not be created: A required privilege is not held by the client
00/00/0000 11:10:39.629 AM    Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.Core Error: 10 : Failed to send Document 97739cf9-0a69-45a1-8f0b-ae550067c758 for execution by dispatcher: Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.Core.ScriptSecurity.ScriptSecurityException: Tenant process creation error. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: A required privilege is not held by the client



The User Account was not set up properly when the Transformation Server was installed. 



From Page 12 of the OPMT Installation Guide, section "Configure the user account":

For an on-premise installation with multi-tenancy, the account must have certain user rights and permissions:

  1. Log on as Administrator and open a Command Prompt window.
  2. Run secpol.msc.
  3. Under Security Settings, navigate to Local Policies, click User Rights Assignment, and ensure the user account has following permissions:
  • Adjust memory quotas for a process.
  • Create a token object.
  • Log on as a service.
  • Replace a process level token.
  • In addition to the preceding permissions, for Windows Server 2012, add the user to the Local Administrative group.

4. Add the account that Transformation Server will be using for each of these settings.


Note:  Please read the section in the OPMT Installation Guide in its entirety.



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