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Dictionary Words that are removed in a Transformation Project are still being returned

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Question / Problem: 

When removing or editing a Word in a Dictionary file, the original result is still returned. 



A working example would be:

The phrase "Dear Valued Customer" is removed and then replaced with "Valued Customer". It will be observed that matches on the old phrases that no longer exist. Attached is a sample recording of reproduction scenario for reference.

Answer / Solution: 

This is an edge case scenario.  In the example above, the issue seems be limited to the fact that 3 consecutive words are on the sample document and the dictionary has word 1 and 3 in it.  With 4 words the issue does not occur (i.e. 2 of 4 words are in the dictionary)

As such, Bug 1458284 (Format Locator incorrectly returning non-existent value from Dictionary File) has been submitted and will be address in KTA 7.10 and higher.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.9 and previous