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Different extraction/classification results at runtime

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Documents that extract correctly at design time in the Transformation Designer(TD) do not show the same results at runtime.


At runtime the documents have been ingested into a job that has document conversion or image processing nodes before the capture node. This means that the document that reaches the extraction/classification node at runtime has been modified and is not the same as the original you might have been using to design extraction in Transformation Designer (TD).


Make sure that the documents / images used in the design stages in TD are representative of the actual runtime images.

You can use the Repository Browser to save the runtime documents to disk and use them to do the appropriate checks and adjustments in Transformation Designer.


Note: For images that are into the imported pdf and is necessary to extract the text inside those, is necessary at process level to have configured the extraction mode on the capture tab (See screenshot below)


For further information on the configuration see:

If you are converting a PDF file to tiff, ensure to use a document conversion axctivity instead of an image processing activity.



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Article # 3039047