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Dropdown - Value cannot be null error

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Error saving field changes. Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: changes
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In essence, there are 2 CURRENCY_SAPConfirmFieldAction actions executing at the same time (one from the Selection Changed event and one from the Field Confirmed event - when you press enter). In one of the actions there has been no changes made hence the error.



This is now register as Bug 1776099: Dropdown ConfirmFieldAction error - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: changes

However there is a workaround:

Add a SamePage action between the SaveChanges and the ConfirmFieldAction on the Selection Changed event:

OrderOfActionsThe SamePage1 SamePage1 action is just an empty SamePage action. To add an empty SamePage action just configure it like so:



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KTA 7.7      



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Article # 3039427