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Email body not getting ingested into KTA

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When ingesting an Email with an attachment into KTA, the email body is not showing in KTA but the attachment is showing up.  In the Message Connector monitor, the message itself also does not show any errors and shows successfully transfered to KC status.


In the C:\ProgramData\Kofax\KFXConverter\KFXConverter.log file, the following error is encountered:

0000-00-00 21:37:57.994 ERROR [Thread=1] [KFXConverter.Converter] File normalization to PDF/A FAILED with ErrorCode: PDF_E_CONVERSION

0000-00-00 21:37:57.999 ERROR [Thread=1] [KFXConverter.Converter] Conversion failed



This can be caused by certain properties within the email itself that causes a 'soft' document conversion error.  Soft meaning the message will still process through the Message Connector as a job in KTA.



For one particular email, the resolution was the following:

1) Stop MC service.

2) Navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\KIC-ED\MC\bin\KFXConverter

3) Make a backup of the 'KFXConverter.ini" file.

4) Towards the bottom of the file edit the AllowedErrors to 4228. Save changes.

5) Restart the MC service.


This particular email / issue is resolved in KTA 7.10 and higher.


The different values for this AllowedErrors parameter is covered in the KTA installation guides.  Below is a screenshot for reference.  If there are specific PDF conversion errors in the KFXConverter.log, feel free to open a support case for investigation.




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