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Error "Format of the initialization string..." Appears When Starting Upgrade of TotalAgility


Question / Problem: 

When starting an upgrade of an existing TotalAgility (KTA) installation by running setup.exe as an Administrator, the installation fails to launch and the following error is written to the Installation Error Log on the desktop.

"Fatal error occurred when installing, application will exit ----
System.ArgumentException: Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 0."

What causes this error and the install to fail?

Answer / Solution: 

This error could be due to a mis-configuration of the XML connection string to the Documents database in the CEBPM_SETTINGS column of the SERVER_DATA table in the main TotalAgility database. In the environment where this occurred the Documents database connection string began with this.

"<DataLayerConfiguration RepositoryBlobStorageAccountConnectionString="{DATA_LAYER_BLOB_CONNSTRING}..." 

It should begin with the Data Source string, which looks similar to this.

"<DataLayerConfiguration RepositoryDBConnectionString=";Data Souce=SQL_Server;Initial Catalog=TotalAgility_Documents;Integrated Security=true..."

The following SQL UPDATE statement was used to correct the string.


The OLDCONNECTIONSTRING value, containing the original string was replaced with the correctly ordered string as the NEWCONNECTIONSTRING value, with the DB Data Source connection string first, then the BLOB connection strings following.


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