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Errors trying to save the OAuth 2.0 Server configuration

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How can I resolve an issue where the following error occurs when trying to save the OAuth 2.0 Server configuration in KTA?


The OAuth 2.0 server is saved successfully, but has failed to get the access tokens.

Unable to get a refresh token from the authorization server. Ensure a valid refresh token is acquired from the authorization server for the system to work properly.



We have seen this error in the past when using Google OAuth2. The error is thrown because the refresh token is not being received by KTA from the OAuth2 Authorization Server.



As per Google documentation (here), to get the refresh token returned you have to append the below query params to the authorization URL.




access_type=offline - Tells Google to return refresh tokens when the user is not present at the browser.

prompt=consent - Google only returns a refresh token for the very first time. Use this option to avoid this and return a refresh token every time.


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TotalAgility 7.9      


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