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Evaluation Failed Capture variable DOCUMENT is not initialized

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When processing a Job, the Job suspends with the following error:


Evaluation Failed:Retry Count 1 Reason of Failure Error. Capture variable DOCUMENT is not initialized.

Note the variable mentioned in this error can be any variable.


This can be caused if there was a Branching rule that was previously in-between two nodes that contained Initialized variables and now not configured anymore.  This is identifiable by reviewing the process map and review the two nodes where the Job has failed.  You will see a Branching icon, but when reviewing the two nodes there will be no Branching rules configured for the first of the two nodes.   



Delete the connector line, save the Process map.  Re-add the connector line and the Branching icon should not be present.  See example below:

branching rule.jpg

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KTA 7.9      


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Article # 3040242
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