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Failed to process image: Cannot allocate enough memory for processing when processing a PDF Document

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When processing a PDF document in KTA, a capture node suspends with the below error.

Failed to process image: Cannot allocate enough memory for processing.


One possible cause of this is the fact the Pdf has incorrect dimensions. If you open if in Adobe Acrobat and look at is properties (File -> Properties), you will see its dimensions. 

Below is an example of a Pdf with incorrect dimensions.  We can see its width is approx 1.7 meters and it's height  is approx. 2.5 meters.  This is huge which obviously would require a lot of memory in order to process.  This explains why KTA throws the error.



Ideally to resolve this problem going forward, the user sending these types of Pdf files should be contacted.  They would need to resolve whatever issue their side causing these huge Pdf files.

If urgent, a quick workaround exists to resize the Pdf.  In Adobe Acrobat go to File -> Print.   In the Printer drop down choose Microsoft Print to PDF.  The option to Shrink Oversized Pages should be selected.


When we select Print we are given the option to save the Pdf file.  When we open it and reinspect the dimensions, we can see it has been scaled down to a A4 sized document.  This should allow it to be successfully processed in KTA.

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