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Folder Fields Are Read Only In Document Review Activity

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Question / Problem: 

Folder fields appear as Read Only or disabled in a TotalAgility (KTA) Document Review Activity. Can the fields be edited in a Doc Review activity?

Answer / Solution: 

By design, the field data in a Doc Review activity, is not designed for editing or changing, for the document or folder fields. Doc Review is mainly for checking and/or manipulating the folders and documents for classification, not for modifying the field data itself. Folder fields are accessible in a Scan Activity or the Validation activity.


The fields can be viewed in Doc Review, but you cannot change them there.

See the following for more information:

"Use the Document review activity to manually review the documents and folders in a process"


The Document Review activity is designed to manage documents, not fields. Also see:

"Configure a Document Review Activity"


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Article # 3037924
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