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How can I know Job ID from the Document ID in Transformation Server Log?


Question / Problem: 

When investigating on Transformation Server Log,  Document IDs are often outputted, but Job ID associated with the Document ID is not outputted.

How can I know Job ID from the Document ID?

Answer / Solution: 

Please use the following SELECT queries  to find the Job ID of the associated Job:

-- Run this select against the main TotalAgility DB:

SELECT * from VARIABLE with(nolock) where VAR_VALUE like '%Document ID%'


-- Run this select against the Archive job DB if you have split DB's

SELECT * from FINISHED_JOB_VARIABLE with(nolock) where VAR_VALUE like '%Document ID%' 


Only one of these selects will return a row. 

Please note that the OWNER_ID value for these Select is the JobID which you need.

The job should be found via the workspace FindJobs form.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.7