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How to Use Federated Security Recovery Mode to Log Into TotalAgility

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Question / Problem: 

A scenario may arise where an Admin is unable to log into TotalAgility (KTA) Designer using the standard Federated Security (FS) login. Is there another method for logging in that bypasses Federated Security?

Answer / Solution: 

The following steps show how the Federated Security login can be bypassed when access to KTA outside of FS is required. This might be necessary, for instance if the admin login cannot be authenticated using FS or when a license server is changed and the database is still pointing to the old license server. This information is also found in the KTA Administrators Guide.

Log on to TotalAgility in Recovery Mode
To log on to TotalAgility in recovery mode, you should have full control or read write permissions. You can log on to TotalAgility in recovery mode by using the recovery mode session ID. To obtain or update the recovery mode session ID:

1. Run the configuration utility from your installed location. Note: The configuration utility is available on the installation media and must be manually copied to your Kofax TotalAgility server.
2. On the App settings tab, locate the RecoveryModeSessionId key. By default, the key has a session ID that can be used to logon. You can change the session ID as required.
3. The recovery mode session ID is also stored in the Web.config file from the following setting:

<add key= "RecoveryModeSessionId" value= <recovery mode session ID>/> 

Note: The recovery mode session ID is unique. With each installation, the value in Web.config is updated with a new ID.

4. Use the following URL: http://<server name>/TotalAgility/Designer/#/logon/recovery to log on.
5. Enter the Recovery mode session ID and click Validate. The Recovery mode page appears.
6. Enter the Username and Password.
7. Click Login. The TotalAgility Designer is launched in the recovery mode.



Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.6+