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IPA - Scheduled job runs but no resulting jobs are created

Applies To

  • Invoice Processing Agility: 1.0 and higher


  • When configuring and activating an IPA scheduled Job, its observed that the Job Next Run time is updated and appears to run, but the corresponding action for the job is not executed. For example, the Address2CSV job runs, but no CSV files were created/updated.

Known Causes

  • Out of the box, IPA ships with the defaults shown below for 'Additional', if at any stage, a historic job for the assigned Process went into Suspended state, then no further jobs will be created.


  • To resolve the issue, you may either
    • Change the Additional setting to Create New jobs (irrespective if the other ones completed successfully). Note, changing this could cause jobs to be created when there is an error that needs to be fixed. IT is always best to review any suspended jobs.
    • Resolve the Suspended job(s)



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