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IPA - Access Denied when attempting to open an item from the work queue: Has Access Permission

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Applies To

  • Invoice Processing Agility: 1.0 and higher


  • When trying to take an activity you receive the following message on the Validation Screen:
    "Access Denied. You must have at least HasAccess access permission on ModifyReadDocuments. If you need technical assistance, reference action: _DN_RefreshPermittedPayees."
    Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.06.39 PM.png

Known Causes

  • The resource does not have appropriate permissions    


  • The current resource accessing IPA validation screen has not been assigned sufficient rights in the resource.
  • Add the permission, Under Settings - Capture Permissions, ensure the user has the correct rights assigned.

Keywords: IPA,Access Denied,HasAccess,_DN_RefreshPermittedPayees,