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Increasing Timeouts used by the KTA Reporting Service - DatabaseCmdTimeoutSec


Question / Problem: 

Is there a way to increase timeouts used in in the reporting service?

Answer / Solution: 

By default queries used by the reporting service have a 10 minute timeout.  In some cases, especially if there is a large backlog of data to process, a query could take longer than this and lead to a timeout error.  A different timeout value can be specified by setting the DatabaseCmdTimeoutSec setting as an environment variable.  This setting is supported as of KTA and KTA 7.6. 

Note: On versions -, the setting has effect on some queries, but not all, so it might still help in certain situations.

Changing the timeout

On each reporting server:

  • Set a System Environment Variable where name="DatabaseCmdTimeoutSec" and value is set to a number higher than the default of 600 seconds (ten minutes).
  • Exact instructions on setting a system environment variable can be different depending on the version of Windows, so please search for documentation for the version you are using as needed.  (examples)
  • The setting will take effect when the reporting service is restarted


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.5+