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Installation in a docker container is failing or has unexpected results

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TotalAgility installation fails or results in unexpected configuration, such as missing services, as part of building a docker image.



Many install issues when building a docker container are general issues with the silent install configuration, and might not be docker specific.  SilentInstallConfig.xml values might not be set correctly for the intended configuration.  Or settings might be set to values that seem correct but are not, such as setting InstallType to "Application" or "Web" instead of "ApplicationServer" or "WebServer".



The install guide has a section titled "Silent installation configuration in Docker" which documents specific settings to use in SilentInstallConfig.xml for a variety of different configurations.  For example in KTA 7.9, this is on page 78 of the Installation Guide, but refer to the install guide for the appropriate version of the product in use.  Ensure the correct values are used.

It can also be help to try using the same SilentInstallConfig.xml to attempt a silent install outside of docker.  If the same issue still occurs, then the problem is not docker specific and it might be easier to troubleshoot outside of docker.

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TotalAgility 7.6+      


Article # 3035557
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