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Integration Server: Export node remains pending

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In a Multi-Tenant (MT) environment such as On-Premise Multi Tenancy (OPMT) or KTA Azure, the Export node always remains pending.  It never gets taken and processed.




We have found that using the KTA Configuration Utility will set the Export service AutoActivitiesPoolId to -1.

In an MT environment, an Export activity can only be run on the Integration Server.  Therefore, when the Export service AutoActivitiesPoolId setting has been configured to anything other than an empty string ("") this issue will occur.



On the Integration Server, ensure the AutoActivitiesPoolId is set to "" in the 2 files below after using the Configuration Utility.

  • Agility.Server.Core.ExportService.exe.config
  • Agility.Server.Core.ExportWorker.Host.exe.config

These are normally found in %INSTALLDIR%\TotalAgility\CoreWorkerService\Agility.Server.Core.ExportWorker.Host.exe.config

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KTA 7.9+      



Article # 3047788
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