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Invalid Session ID error when importing/ exporting package in KTA Designer.

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Question / Problem: 

Why is there an Invalid Session ID error when importing or exporting in KTA Designer?

Answer / Solution: 

Import and Export of packages, processes and forms uses the Kofax Streaming Service.

Ensure the Streaming Service is started and functioning properly:

  1. Go to Services and make sure the Kofax Streaming Service is started.
  2. Make sure the same account that is running the Kofax Core Worker Service is running the Kofax Streaming Service.
  3. Make sure that the host endpoint is set correctly in the Streaming Service config file. In a load balanced environment, the Streaming Service host value must match the load balancer endpoint on the Web server.
  4. The streaming service config file is located by default at C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\CoreWorkerService\Agility.Server.StreamingService.exe.config

  5. For OPMT environments, there are entries for both Live and Dev depending on which environment the issue is in:

    Live: TotalAgilityHostNameLive

    Dev: TotalAgilityHostNameDev

  6. Update the value to match the correct server domain, for example try using just the domain instead of computername.domain, and restart the streaming service.


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