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Issues at Document Conversion Activity

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There are several issues encountered for Document Conversion Activity.  Below are some of the issues listed.

Scenario 1. I have TIF files imported via Email (MC/KIC) but why it cannot be processed and I am getting this error "Document requires document conversion activity before further processing".  Meanwhile if imported directly via CNJ (create new job) form, there is no issue.  If it is pdf file, there isn't any issue encountered.  Why?

Scenario 2. I have files imported via Email (MC/KIC) and set the Document Conversion profile but why are the documents not converted?

Scenario 3. I have files imported via Email (MC/KIC) and set the Document Conversion profile to convert various files (including TIF) to convert to Colour TIF but why is Grayscale TIF with no compression becoming blank after the conversion?


Scenario 1. Having TIF files do not mean that it can be processed.  The key is about normalization.

  • It is all about Normalization. The TIF needs to be normalized as well then it can be processed.
  • Import by file "scan to" Starter capture pack, all the files no issue....that is because create job already normalized all the imported images whereas Email import, it needs DC to do it for the TIF.
  • TIF does not necessary be B&W, even colour or grayscale, it can be processed as long as they were normalized.
  • Temporary pages are created for PDF documents when processed by capture activities
  • When image file get normalized to PDF or converted to TIFF (normalized) - Both approach could get the image to be processed.

Scenario 2.  It was found out that there is some file extensions included for "Allow to Conversion Extension".

  • DC profile, allow for conversion extension is limited to only 50 chars – an issue if we need more extension to be included.

Scenario 3.  This was replicated and logged as a bug for KTA 7.9 but it could not get replicated with

  • Bug 1803259:TIF (No Compression) became Blank (converting to Colour TIF) after going through Document Conversion Activity


Scenario 1.  Ensure that normalization was done.

  • Especially from Email import (MC/KIC), it is expected that we "Normalise" images in order to create pages during or after ingestion (the recommendation is to do this using a Document Conversion node rather than in the import settings)
  • The scan CNJ form behaves differently to KIC in that it normalizes the images for us.

Scenario 2.  It could be another option to include the file types that need to be excluded, rather than list all of the file types that were to include.

  • Otherwise an Enhancement Request (ER) can be raised (for the need to have more than 50 chars).

Scenario 3.  Options are - upgrade to, or progress OOS-FR for the bug (current version e.g. KTA 7.9).

  • Note: Images need to be normalized then they could be processed. 


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KTA 7.9 (tested)      


On Normalization, here is the extract from the help:

  • To normalize images and create pages for the images in Import, the "Normalize images and create pages" option is enabled on upgrading TotalAgility from version 7.5.0 or lower. We recommend that you do not select this option for new process maps. Instead, use the Document conversion activity to normalize the images and then create pages for the images. You can also address issues such as scaling and orientation in the Document conversion activity and then use any Capture activities in your process map.
  • The Document conversion activity runs on the Transformation Server (scalable and optimized for heavy loads) that can manage the tasks of converting, splitting images and creating pages efficiently.



Article # 3045699