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Jobs suspending due to "Cannot save the Reporting data to Staging DB" error

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Jobs are suspending in various nodes with the following error:

Cannot save the Reporting data to Staging DB.


Here is an example from a Transformation activity:

2021-11-23 01:12:02.497 0x19FA27E14BFA11ECA7E80022484CD0AE Execution of activity IP_DC_Extraction_Composite in job 19FA27E14BFA11ECA7E80022484CD0AE on Kofax Transformation Server - servername
was aborted due to the following error(s): Cannot save the Reporting data to Staging DB. 



1. One known issue that can cause this issue is if the Reporting System task is timing out due to a redundant query in this background process.  This software defect is submitted under:  TFS Bug ID: 1728820 - Redundant query causing the reporting system task to timeout

2. Another cause can be wrong DB connection string in the TS Config:

"C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Transformation Server\Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config"



For 1.) : A workaround to this issue, would be to add the following environment variable on the Reporting server.  After change is made, restart the Reporting service.

MaxMQ2StagingIterationsNum = 10


The official fix for this issue is included in:

  • and higher
  • and higher
  • and higher

For 2.) Update the DB connection string in the Transformation Server Config file to point to the correct database.

Restart the Transformation Server after the update

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KTA 7.10      
KTA 7.9      
KTA 7.8        


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