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KTA 7.5 - Webcapture control form showing blank in Mac OS browsers

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Question / Problem: 

Form with web capture control is not displaying correctly in Mac OS browsers but displaying fine in Windows browsers.

Answer / Solution: 

The issue occurs because the Web Capture Control requires the Web Capture Service to be installed on the client machine - this is not supported for Mac Operating Systems.

Officially, as per the KTA 7.5 Technical Specifications only Windows OS is supported for Thin Clients (Browser UI).

TS was able to replicate this behavior in-house using a Macbook.


Note: The Web Capture Service is only required for the WCC when the File Upload, Scan, Select Scanner, etc. buttons are enabled on the control.

Workaround: If these buttons are disabled, the WCC will load and display successfully on the Mac OS.

How to disable these buttons:

1. Navigate to the Extended Properties of WebCapture form.

2. In the Configuration tab, there are buttons that you can disable by selecting "No" at Show Button.

3. Save and release the form.

4. The image is now displayed fine in Mac OS browsers.


Applies to:  

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KTA 7.5 Web Capture Control