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KTA 7.9 - Data object action is grabbing the wrong variable

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When creating a Data Object action on a form in KTA 7.9, where 2 data models and 2 data object variables are configured, the wrong target variable is selected for the results. Here is an example scenario.

  • Data Model 1 and Data Model 2 created with different fields.
  • Form is opened or created for adding Data Object action.
  • Data Object (DO) form variable 1 and Data Object form variable 2 are created, each using a different data model.
  • In the Data Object action, DO variable 1 is selected as the Data Object variable. 
  • Click the + sign to create a new Target.
  • The Target list shows the correct variable (Variable 1).
  • Select the 'Variable/Results' for mapping the variable values to the Target fields.
  • The Target variable now shows the variable and fields from Variable 2 with no option to change.


This is caused by a bug in the KTA 7.9 and 7.10 versions of the product. The following bug has been reported for this behavior.

Bug 1734381: 26456647 - Copied Data Model causes issues in Data Object action on a form

This is caused when a data model is copied, which causes the copied data model to have the same ID as the original, thus causing the original data model to be selected.



The current workaround for this behavior is to recreate the 'CopyOf' Data Model, which will create the Data Model as a fresh data model.


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TotalAgility 7.9, 7.10 All  



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